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Signal Processing

L-Band Signal Digitizer
Signal digitizer HB16/002 is used for signal processing of any signal of bandwidth BW=0 to 20 MHz in 950 to 2050 MHz band. It consists of the input quadrature tuner with PLL synthesis circuit, a pair of baseband filters and circuits for generating of the AGC signal by integration of PWM signal or with help of the DAC converter. Digitilization of I and Q components is done by a pair of ADC converters with the sampling rate up to 50 MHz. The block diagram and an example of application in digital spectrum analyser can be seen in the pictures.
FPGA Signal Processor
Signal processor HB15/001 is the all-purpose digital board with the FPGA Xilinx Spartan6 series Xilinx Spartan6 which processes signals of any connected to quadrature digitizer. The type of signal processing is firmware determined by the configuration of FPGA.There is an example of a block diagram of a possible application – digital demodulator of BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK and 16QAM signals.
FPGA Forward Error Correction Processor
The hardware of FEC processor HB14/002 is designed universally for performing of any FEC decoder (Viterbi, Turbo, LDPC Trellis). It contains FPGA Xilinx Spartan6 series and five asynchronous 4Mbit RAM memories for saving the system matrixes, data vectors, parity matrixes etc. Block diagram of the board and the example of Viterbi decoder realization are in the pictures.
L-Band signal generator
Signal generator HB16/010 is used for generation of any signal of the bandwidth BW=0 to 10 MHz in frequency range from 950 to 1575 MHz, the output level is adjustable from 0dBm to +25 dBm. It contains a quadrature DAC converter and a modulator with integrated VCO which is controlled by PLL synthesizer.
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