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CPU Modules and Interfaces

CPU Module RaspBerry FPGA
The CPU Module HB14/001 consists of an expansion board based on FPGA Xilinx Spartan3 series and a small computer RaspBerry-pi with Linux operating system on the SD card. There is a RS232 interface, a connector for matrix LCD display and a matrix keyboard on the expansion board. It is possible to connect and controll up to seven signal processing or arbitrary boards. The user interface allows configuration of the FPGA circuits and transfering data and commands. The function of expansion board is fully SW configurable.The CPU module can be programmed as the TCPIP server.
IO Module for Telecommunication Signals
IO Module HB16/003 serves as the interface for the input/output of the standard telecommunications signals, for example RS422, G.703 a TTL. The inputs are connected directly to IO pins of FPGA Xilinx.
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