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Experimental Equipments for Schools

Set for Demonstration of Electromagnetic Waves on the Lecher Line

The set contains the generator GL433 working on the frequency of 433.920MHz, Lecher line, stabilized power supply 13.5V/10A and a set of tools for the actual experiments.It is possible to demonstrate these experiments:
  • Travelling and standing wave on the line
  • Voltage and current nodes and antinodes on the shorted line
  • Direct measurement of the wavelength
  • Polarization properties of electromagnetic waves
  • Electromagnetic field of dipole and quarter wave antenna
  • Reflection of electromagnetic waves on Hertz grid
Electronic Electroscope

The device is a better replacement for the classical gold leaf electroscope – it allows to indicate the polarity of the charge.The set contains the electroscope, probes, the set of rods and materials for the experiments in electrostatics. It is possible to perform these experiments:

  • Generation of electrostatic charge
  • Positive and negative electrostatic charge
  • Generation of induced charge
  • Conduction of the electrostatic charge through the air
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